Sacred Psoas Yoga and Beyond: A Deeper Dive


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Durango’s Hope, Grace and Gaia Sacred Psoas Healing Workshops

Coming Spring 2021
A Deeper Dive all day

This is a virtual healing workshop using Zoom.



Sacred Psoas Yoga and Beyond: A Deeper Dive

In this uplifting and illuminating workshop:

  • Connect, engage and befriend kindred spirits dedicated to healing and awakening.
  • Every workshop is fresh and different depending on the attendees and current events
  • Enjoy gentle Psoas specific Anusara Yoga modified for all ages, shapes and abilities
  • Cultivate deep, embodied presence through mindful movement
  • Learn liberating diaphragm and sacred mobius breath work
  • Explore in a safe space personal somatic awareness exercises
  • Clear old blocks and residues to become more of who you really are
  • Deepen with authentic sharing and personal inquiry
  • Bodyworkers and Yogis: deepen and expand your teaching and embodiment of the transformational potential of a healed Psoas

5 reviews for Sacred Psoas Yoga and Beyond: A Deeper Dive

  1. Shelley S. (verified owner)

    Dr. Keneen Hope’s yoga classes have been life-changing for me. Keneen brings an impressive depth of experience and knowledge of the workings of the body, with a focus on alignment that exceeds most any yoga class I’ve experienced. I also participated in the Sacred Psoas workshop recently, and it was deeply moving. I felt the benefits both physically and emotionally. Keneen’s focus on spirit and community among our group added to the inspiring weekend.

  2. Barb R. (verified owner)

    My recent epiphany is that “Sucking It Up” really means “Stuff It Down and Bury It Deep”. My mode of coping for years, combined with low back and hip injuries left me living with chronic pain. Exercise, PT, ARP wave therapy did not get to the roots of my pain. I attended Dr Keneen Hope’s Psoas, posture and pain relief workshop and felt better that same night. I learned so much about posture, how to sit, exercises and releasing stress. I told her she should do a TED talk about healing personal and physical pain because her approach is revolutionary!

  3. Margaret Babiarz (verified owner)

    What an amazing workshop! Dr. Keneen Hope brought together a group of strangers and proceeded to gently crack open our little human shells. By the end, I felt close to everyone in the room, but most surprisingly, I felt closer to myself. The movement and discussion exercises brought to the forefront of my awareness items that I had long packed away, but continue to show up in my body. Seeing them come up in this safe way, they seemed (and are) not as difficult to process as I’d thought. It’s important work, to clear the mind and body of tensions, and it’s not easy. Dr. Keneen has shown herself to be a caring, knowledgeable guide.

  4. Lisa P. (verified owner)

    Dr Keneen Hope’s workshops offer gentle, empowering guidance and support for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. She is gentle but clear and perceptive with a fun-loving approach that is rare. After my first workshop I immediately signed myself and my husband up for the next one!

  5. Carol P. (verified owner)

    I love Dr. Keneen’s empowering workshops and do many of them as they are always fresh and different and deep! She really gets to the heart of the matter. Nothing she does is by rote, everything is custom tailored to each person. I highly recommend both her private work and her workshops!

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