An Introduction to Somatic- Body Based Inquiry and Healing Dialogue


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Do you over ride, by- pass, “busy though” or ignore your pain or health challenges? Do you rely on affirmations and fabricated positivity without inquiring more deeply into the roots of an issue?  If so, this learned cultural behavior may be one reason the painful challenges become more embedded and chronic over time. We don’t always know how to listen and dialogue with them. Sometimes, understandably, we become frustrated and exhausted dealing with them as well. The International Diamond Heart School, or
of which I have been a part of for 30 years, offer tools for learning how to dialogue with and inquire into whatever is going on present time, whether it is a body-mind or spirit issue. Personally I used these tools to avoid the hip surgery that two doctors suggested I needed.
Thursday March 25th
6:00-7:15 MST

This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.



This 75 minute educational, transformational and movement based workshop is for you if you want to:
  1. practice a head, heart and belly centered somatic approach to a particular issue (this means employ cognitive wisdom, heart- based compassion and belly- centered and grounded presence as you inquire)
  2. engage your breath as a compassionate and curious tool
  3. open to pain as a possible portal to awakening
  4. release trapped energy and help resolve unfinished business that burdens your body
  5. optimize your health, feel better, find more freedom and age more gracefully as you embody more spiritual wisdom and consciousness
  1. an eye opening Power Point Presentation
  2. Q & A
  3. precise guidance in your personal and body based somatic inquiry
  4. gentle modified yoga or mindful movement for all ages, abilities and limitations,
  5. cultivating a “listening” for what your body is trying to say
  6. specific therapeutic exercises to safely release trapped energy, engage your breath as an ally, and embody more emotional authenticity.

Class size limited.

1 review for An Introduction to Somatic- Body Based Inquiry and Healing Dialogue

  1. Margaret B.

    I felt much closer to myself after one of Dr Hope’s workshops. The discussion and somatic movement inquiries clarified an awareness of stresses that I had long packed away, but continue to show up in my body. Inquiring into them in this safe and compassionate way, was very revealing and liberating. It’s important work, to clear the mind and body of tensions, and it’s not easy. Dr. Keneen has shown herself to be a caring, knowledgeable guide.

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