• For Non-Yogis

    This FREE 45 minute meditative movement class is ideal for those who consider themselves too old, tired, stiff or limited for yoga.
    Sunday March 14th
    9:00-10:00 AM MST
    This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.
  • For Yogis

    This FREE 60 minute meditative movement yoga class is ideal for those with some yoga experience.
    Sunday March 14th
    10:30-11:30 AM MST
    This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.
  • Did you know that your posture today is a reflection of how life has shaped you in the past? Most people give only a nod and a little lip service to appreciating good posture, and rarely realize that the underlying problem is more of a shape from the past than just poor body biomechanics. The shape of a duck, a dodge, a brace, a collapse, an armor etc that impacts the health and well-being and awakening of your present ( presence). These shapes contribute to an array of physical, and emotional pain and health problems, that are often overlooked by the traditional healing or medical paradigms.  And these shapes compromise your ability to embody more of your spiritual depths.
    Thursday, March 11
    6:00-7:15 MST
    This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.
  • Do you ever feel betrayed by your body? You eat well, meditate regularly, exercise wisely, invest in regular bodywork or yoga, and yet you still experience pain, stiffness and various health issues. You are in good company.
    According to Dr. Robert Augustus, author of Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirit Disconnects Us From What Really Matters, spiritual bypassing is the use of spiritual beliefs and theory to avoid dealing with unresolved, painful or psychological wounds and unmet needs. Our bodies then bear the burden of this aversion and our consciousness suffers as well.
    Thursday Feb 25th
    6:00-7:15 MST
    This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.
  • Is your body crying out for help? Are you listening?
    Or do you over ride, “busy though” and ignore your pain or health challenges?
    Do you rely on affirmations and fabricated positivity without inquiring more deeply into the roots of an issue?
    If so, this learned cultural behavior may be one reason the painful challenges become more embedded and chronic over time.
    March 25th 6:00-7:15 MST Zoom workshop offers dialogue-inquiry tools I used to help heal my hip and avoid surgery.
  • Do you have chronic back, hip or groin pain? Are your stress levels high? Do your visits to the PT or Chiropractor not offer sustainable solutions? When our postural core is disrupted by poor habits, such as too much sitting, or poor posture second to stress or trauma, the psoas muscles will strain under this imbalance. This results in a host of ailments including back, hip, groin and knee pain, as well as organ dysfunction including, but not limited to kidney and adrenal exhaustion. Emotionally we lose our equilibrium and spiritually we feel disconnected from our core.
    Thursday April 8th
    6:00-7:15 PM MST
    This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.
  • From Trauma to Transformation


    Your Introduction to Freedom from your Fight, Flight, Freeze Stress Response

    “Unresolved trauma is responsible for the majority of the illnesses of modern mankind.” “I have come to the conclusion that human beings are born with the innate capacity to triumph over trauma. I believe not only that trauma is curable, but the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening-a portal opening to emotional and genuine spiritual transformation.” - Dr. Peter Levine-noted trauma specialist and author
    Thursday April 22nd
    6:00-7:15 PM MST
    This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.
  • Your Introduction to Is Your Back a Pain in the A**?

    Does your low backache, twinge or hurt? Is it limiting sports and activities? Do you suffer from stress, fatigue or sleep loss? If you are open to a new paradigm for helping ease and heal low back pain, this introductory workshop is for you.

    **COMING SOON** 6:00-7:15 PM MST

    This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.

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