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Our philosophy at Hope Chiropractic & Yoga is based on empowering you, the patient, with proactive solutions to supplement chiropractic adjustments for comprehensive mind-body-spirit healing.

We offer guidance on at-home exercises and self-care programs designed to address neck and shoulder pain, hip and back pain, leg and knee pain, foot pain, headaches, insomnia, vertigo as well as PTSD and trauma related chronic pain.

At Durango’s Hope Chiropractic & Yoga, we offer gentle, sustainable solutions for your aches, pains and stress. From treating insomnia to lower back pain, vertigo to tension headaches, our Chiropractic process infuses simple yoga strategies, neuro-emotional stress release techniques and other state-of-the-art practices that focus on body-mind-spirit comprehensive healing.

As Durango’s chiropractic specialists, we know these holistic methods help to reduce and replace pain, stress and fatigue with better sleeping habits, increased energy, mood improvement and enhanced overall well-being.

Age more gracefully and move through your days with a renewed sense of vitality while you save time and money with these empowering self-care solutions.


15 Minute Consultation – Complimentary!

45 Minute Consultation – $105

  • Optimize wellness with gentle chiropractic and holistic therapies
  • Prevent injury

  • Save time and money
  • Be proactive at home with custom tailored exercises designed just for you

“I hurt my back gardening and lifting this spring after a tailbone injury earlier in the winter. Dr. Keneen helped identify the complex issues going on in my lower back, and worked through teaching me how to adjust myself and practice yoga via a remote consultation.

It was amazing how much I learned with just two sessions! Back pain is gone and I feel healed–all while using a safe, COVID-conscious method.”

Teresa Shishim, Paonia Colorado

“Dr. Keneen is a gifted healer. I have been to many therapists and doctors but was still stuck in pain, depression and fatigue after my divorce. After my first session I had less pain, and my energy and moods improved. Thanks to Dr Keneen’s empathic skills, my whole life started moving in the right direction again.”

Kimberly S.


posture, pain,

personality & presence


Too stiff or too old for yoga but want to be pro active and feel better? Poor posture often results in back, neck, hip, knee and shoulder pain. It contributes to stress, fatigue, sleep loss as well as depression and anxiety.


15 Minute Consultation – Complimentary!

45 Minute Consultation – $105  Includes your personal pre and post posture correction photos and custom tailored video with my recommendations as well. ( YES! We can do this virtually too!)

  • Learn posture correction and pain relief solutions you can use from home

  • Strengthen your core
  • Breathe better and improve lung capacity
  • Stretch safely and properly to increase flexibility and mobility
  • Reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance energy and moods
What a gift to find a doctor that understands how my posture may be contributing to my knee pain as well as other health issues. I decided then and there to postpone the knee replacement surgery and work with Dr. Keneen. It has been work but I am discovering what it means to be comfortable in my body! I am learning how my muscles, bones and mind are connected. I am learning how to correct my posture for optimum alignment. I am working muscles and gaining strength. And the vertigo has finally disappeared. There may still be a knee replacement in my future but right now with Dr. Keneen, physical therapy, affirmations and yoga I am feeling supported and moving forward with ease and joy.”
Tamara V.

“Dr. Keneen Hope has helped me get to the bottom of pain and fatigue. Her work with posture has helped me tremendously. As my pain and posture improve with Dr Hope’s guidance, I find that I am much more connected to my deepest self. I am so grateful to her for wisdom, experience and gentle approach that is both physical and spiritual all at the same time.

Lee Verner


private yoga


I love working privately with individuals to help either build their home Anusara Yoga practice or to deepen an existing one. The private sessions lend themselves to enhancing your practice through alignment tips, breath work, and meditation.


45 Minute Consultation – $105

  • Perfect for beginners or experienced yogis

  • One-on-one connection

  • Improve your alignment

  • Begin or deepen your practice
  • Improve breath work

  • Build strength and flexibility
  • Rehabilitate injuries
  • Reduce stress and restore equilibrium

“Dr. Keneen Hope brings an abundance of insight, skill and knowledge to her yoga classes. I know my body is in good, safe hands and I always leave feeling nourished spiritually and emotionally supported any time I attend. Not ready for a class, definitely do a private with her.”

Cindy Schmidt, Pathways Physical Therapy
“That was a really great class Keneen, wow powerful!!!! I  have so many friends  that would benefit from your style and depth! I’ve done a LOT of yoga in my life, before yoga was in, and I have to say, how REFRESHING coming back to the real mindfulness, depth and meaning again.”
Ananda Foley, Cranial-Sacral Therapy


stress & trauma recovery


Trauma is the great masquerader and participant in many maladies and ‘dis-eases’ that afflicts sufferers,” says Dr. Peter Levin, trauma specialist and author. “Unresolved trauma is responsible for the majority of illnesses of modern mankind.” Even though the actual trauma incident is in the past, trauma residues are alive in the present as undigested, unresolved and trapped energy in the brain, nervous system, muscles and body. These stresses from the past may be causing headaches, insomnia, chronic hip and back pain, fatigue and sleep loss as well as and other ailments in the present.


15 Minute Consultation – Complimentary

45 Minute Consultation – $105

  • Relax and restore

  • Improve energy

  • Enhance mood

  • Improve sleep

  • Accelerate recovery

After six sessions with Dr. Keneen I healed emotional and physical  trauma and pain patterns that have affected me at the core level for years. Dr. Keneen’s work is one of a kind. My life is changed forever.”

Melaney Sreenan, Ph.D.
“Dr. Keneen is a very authentic and passionate doctor that you can trust with your health and emotions. She has been by my side through the very difficult loss of my daughter, and has helped me on so many levels. My shoulder pain, neck pain, sleep loss and grief have healed and I am more at peace in my body and heart again.”
Amy B.

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