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Dr. Keneen Hope is proud to be one of the presenters

When stress creates a protective fight, flight, freeze tension in the body, the result may be a brittle, unresponsive or overly reactive psoas muscle. This stress can result in pain, stress, sleep loss and disrupted sexuality. “This long muscle supports the spine and vital organs like the heart and lungs, as well as pelvic organs including the bladder, bowel and reproductive organs,” Dr. Hope explains. In this movement and PowerPoint presentation, Colorado’s Dr. Hope, certified Anusara yogi and psoas workshop leader provides wisdom and tools to initiate healing of this deep core tissue.

“Liberate your sacred psoas, spread your sensual wings and enjoy your enhanced sensual essence with a healed psoas!”

Allow your body to emanate from a graceful and grounded core!


April 16, 2021
6:00 pm MDT
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