Stress and Trauma Recovery Session


This is an in person or virtual consultation using Zoom.

Trauma Recovery & Injury Prevention

One of the keys to trauma recovery lies in restoring and releasing trapped energy in a safe, gentle way through autonomic regulation and rebalancing of the brain, nervous system and musculature. New research in the field of neuroplasticity and neurological resilience offers hope for those who have suffered trauma, loss or accidents to not only survive and recover, but also thrive in life, health and hope again.



Durango’s Hope Chiropractic & Yoga Therapies for Trauma Recovery

Whether you’re suffering from a physical or emotional injury from past trauma, there’s good news: your brain, body and nervous system want to heal and are capable of restoring balance and equilibrium naturally. As pioneers in chiropractic and yoga healing therapies, we use both traditional and non-traditional methods to synergistically enhance your recovery. Below is a list of the customized approaches we use for trauma recovery.

Trauma recovery techniques:
  • Specific, precise, non-force chiropractic release techniques focused not on bone manipulation, but releasing the tone or hertz frequency of trauma (balances, restores and regulates the brain and nervous system)
  • Gentle, restorative yoga therapies that liberate the accumulated stress and trapped energies that compromise health and well being
  • Insomnia relief and sleep enhancement techniques
  • Neuro-emotional stress release techniques (addresses, corrects and replaces trauma residues in posture, muscle memory and emotional reactivity)
  • Muscle memory recovery and restoration
  • Psoas and muscular “fight-flight-freeze” release techniques
  • Vagus nerve reactivity reduction via gentle, tonal chiropractic
  • Auriculotherapy (or needle-less acupuncture) using micro-current stimulation on the auricule of the ear to reduce chronic neck and shoulder pain, headaches, muscle spasm and restore balanced brain chemistry and endorphins
  • Natural brain chemistry and neurotransmitter enhancement
  • Meditation, yoga therapies and breathing techniques that relax and regulate the brain and nervous system
  • Customized practices to cultivate presence and restore your lost sense of self
  • Resolution of trauma-induced visual field blockages
  • Sustainable do-it-yourself solutions and at-home exercises for empowering self-care


15 Minute Consultation – Complimentary!

45 Minute Consultation – $105


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