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Whether you are a nervous beginner or an experienced yogi, our private yoga sessions are customized to your specific health care needs and modified for all ages, body types and abilities.

By deepening your yoga practice, you not only build strength and flexibility but condition your body to prevent future injuries through the ancient, trusted methods of Anusara Style Hatha yoga.

This is an in person or virtual consultation using Zoom.



I love working privately with individuals to help either build their home Anusara Yoga practice or to deepen an existing one. The private sessions lend themselves to enhancing your practice through alignment tips, breath work, and meditation.


15 Minute Consultation – Complimentary!

45 Minute Consultation – $105

6 reviews for Private One-on-One Yoga

  1. Peggy F.

    I left the yoga class feeling empowered and realized more about what I could do as opposed to what I could not. Dr Keneen meets you where you are at and empowers you to do more ( safely) than you thought you could. Amazing woman she is!

  2. Shelley S.

    Dr. Keneen Hope’s yoga classes have been life-changing for me. Keneen brings an impressive depth of experience and knowledge of the workings of the body, with a focus on alignment that exceeds most any yoga class I’ve experienced. I also participated in the Sacred Psoas workshop recently, and it was deeply moving. I felt the benefits both physically and emotionally. Keneen’s focus on spirit and community among our group added to the inspiring weekend.

  3. Agnes Hammel

    Dr. Keneen told me in the beginning that yoga would change my life. It certainly has! I feel more at home in my body, sleep much better, and it has significantly helped me recover from past trauma issues.

  4. Dr. Celeste

    I have to say that of all the yoga classes I’ve taken over 51 years, Dr. Keneen Hope’s are the best! Thank you for that!

  5. Adela W

    I see Dr. Keneen Hope McNiven for both chiropractic and yoga. I worked with many chiropractors and yoga teachers over the years, and Dr. Keneen is in a class of her own. In both areas of expertise, she teaches how to be more embodied and in relationship to our body, and therefore our life. She is gentle yet helps me make powerful changes in my posture, breath, and attitude that have a tremendous impact on my emotional and physical health. I recommend both her yoga and chiropractic to anyone who wants to be as fully healthful in body and soul as they can be.

  6. Laurie C.

    Dr. Keneen Hope has an amazing way of putting into words both the yoga poses and the meditative aspects of yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for several years and know enough to get great benefit, but Keneen has brought me to a whole new understanding of the physical and mindful benefits of each pose. Do what it takes to be in one of her classes or workshops and you will be thrilled that you did!

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