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Too stiff or too old for yoga but want to be pro active and feel better? Poor posture often results in back, neck, hip, knee and shoulder pain. It contributes to stress, fatigue, sleep loss as well as depression and anxiety.

This is an in person or virtual consultation using Zoom.



  • Learn posture correction and pain relief solutions you can use from home
  • Strengthen your core.
  • Breathe better and improve lung capacity.
  • Stretch safely and properly to increase flexibility and mobility. Reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance energy and moods.


15 Minute Consultation – Complimentary!

45 Minute Consultation – $105

Includes your personal pre and post posture correction photos and custom tailored video with my recommendations as well. ( YES! We can do this virtually too!)

6 reviews for Private Session – Posture, Pain, Personality and Presence

  1. Ceci Tower

    I could not walk comfortably and getting up from a seated position was very difficult. I read an article in E.P.I.C. Health by Dr. Keneen Hope about the psoas muscle and was impressed with her unique approach. Her adjustments were gentle and relaxing and her posture work was helpful and empowering. She helped me where no other practitioner had been able to, and it has been nothing short of life changing for me. I’m strong again and walking is back to a normal, painless, gait again. Thank you, Dr. Hope!”

  2. Bruce A.

    I’d highly recommend Dr.Keneen Hope for your chiropractic and yoga needs. I’ve been seeing her for lower back pain issues. In just a short time I’ve noticed an improvement that I did not see with my regular doctor and physical therapy. She very quickly observed that my misaligned posture was contributing to my back pain and has helped me to correct it. With her adjustments and yoga exercise instruction she has set me on a much better path to help alleviate my back pain. I’d highly recommend her kind, compassionate and skilled services.

  3. Lee Verner

    Dr. Keneen Hope has helped me get to the bottom of pain and fatigue. Her work with posture has helped me tremendously. As my pain and posture improve with Dr Hope’s guidance, I find that I am much more connected to my deepest self. I am so grateful to her for wisdom, experience and gentle approach that is both physical and spiritual all at the same time.

  4. Tamara V.

    What a gift to find a doctor that understands how my posture may be contributing to my knee pain as well as other health issues. I decided then and there to postpone the knee replacement surgery and work with Dr. Keneen. It has been work but I am discovering what it means to be comfortable in my body! I am learning how my muscles, bones and mind are connected. I am learning how to correct my posture for optimum alignment. I am working muscles and gaining strength. And the vertigo has finally disappeared.
    There may still be a knee replacement in my future but right now with Dr. Keneen, physical therapy, affirmations and yoga I am feeling supported and moving forward with ease and joy.

  5. Denny

    For at least 10 years my knees were sore in the morning, at night and after almost every step I took. I was referred to Dr. Keneen Hope. She did an evaluation and said she could help. Dr. Hope talked about my overall posture and gave me custom exercises and adjustments to correct areas I needed to improve. In a few weeks after starting I was able to walk twice a day with NO pain at all. I can walk again! It’s still so new, it’s incredible!

  6. Carol P.

    Dr. Keneen Hope has changed my life and healed my chronic neck pain! She also empowered me to change my posture and this immediately improved my pain. I sleep better and have more energy. Now when I shovel snow, no pain!

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