Need a New Paradigm for Helping Low Back Issues?


Your Introduction to Is Your Back a Pain in the A**?

Does your low backache, twinge or hurt? Is it limiting sports and activities? Do you suffer from stress, fatigue or sleep loss? If you are open to a new paradigm for helping ease and heal low back pain, this introductory workshop is for you.

6:00-7:15 PM MST

This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.

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This 75-minute educational, transformational, and movement-based workshop is for you if you want to:

1)   learn empowering DIY techniques for more sustainable results with your PT, Chiropractor, or Masseuse.

2)    improve your posture, strengthen your core and enjoy activities you love again.

3) discover ergonomic tools for pain-free sitting and driving.

4) learn tools for releasing old stress and trapped energy from the past that burden your back in the present.

5) Learn how to listen when your back pain is “talking”


1) an eye-opening PowerPoint Presentation along with Q and A

2) specific therapeutic exercises to create more space, ease, freedom, and flexibility in your body and nervous system.

3) gentle rehabilitative yoga for all ages, abilities, and limitations.

4) posture enhanced mindful movement that anyone can do.

5) optimizing your health, moods to age more gracefully.

Class size limited.

3 reviews for Need a New Paradigm for Helping Low Back Issues?

  1. Cindy Schmidt

    Keneen is a talented healer who is very intuitive and compassionate. She has guided me through a challenging back and hip injury and has been key in reducing my pain and increasing my mobility so I can get out and play again!

  2. Bruce A

    I’d highly recommend Dr.Keneen Hope for your chiropractic and yoga needs. I’ve been seeing her for lower back pain issues. In just a short time I’ve noticed an improvement that I did not see with my regular doctor and physical therapy. She very quickly observed that my misaligned posture was contributing to my back pain and has helped me to correct it. With her adjustments and yoga excercise instruction, she has set me on a much better path to help alleviate my back pain. I’d highly recommend her kind, compassionate and skilled services.

  3. Jenae Hunderman

    I started seeing Dr. Keneen Hope because I was struggling with debilitating back pain from whiplash. She literally had me feeling like a new person with a posture practice before she even laid hands on me. Not only do I continue to feel balanced through my sessions with her, but she provides practices to take home that strengthen the healing and leave me feeling empowered in my self care. Highly recommend!

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