Introduction: Meet Your Sacred Psoas Muscle


Do you have chronic back, hip or groin pain? Are your stress levels high? Do your visits to the PT or Chiropractor not offer sustainable solutions? When our postural core is disrupted by poor habits, such as too much sitting, or poor posture second to stress or trauma, the psoas muscles will strain under this imbalance. This results in a host of ailments including back, hip, groin and knee pain, as well as organ dysfunction including, but not limited to kidney and adrenal exhaustion. Emotionally we lose our equilibrium and spiritually we feel disconnected from our core.

Thursday April 8th
6:00-7:15 PM MST

This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.

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This 75 minute educational, transformational and movement based workshop is for you if you want to:

  1. have more sustainable solutions with your PT’s and Chiropractors
  2. improve posture and function so you can feel better
  3. discover why stretching the psoas wont work
  4. practice techniques for releasing and hydrating your psoas
  5. optimize your health, feel better, find more freedom and age more gracefully as you embody more spiritual wisdom and consciousness


  1. an eye- opening Power Point Presentation
  2. along with Q and A
  3. learn psoas specific exercises you can do from home
  4.  gentle modified yoga or mindful movement for all ages, abilities and limitations,
  5. cultivating a “listening” for what your psoas is trying to “say”
  6. engage your breath and your diaphragm as an ally to release pain and stress.

Class size limited.


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