An Introduction to Posture, Pain, Personality and Presence


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Did you know that your posture today is a reflection of how life has shaped you in the past? Most people give only a nod and a little lip service to appreciating good posture, and rarely realize that the underlying problem is more of a shape from the past than just poor body biomechanics. The shape of a duck, a dodge, a brace, a collapse, an armor etc that impacts the health and well-being and awakening of your present ( presence). These shapes contribute to an array of physical, and emotional pain and health problems, that are often overlooked by the traditional healing or medical paradigms.  And these shapes compromise your ability to embody more of your spiritual depths.
Thursday, March 11
6:00-7:15 MST

This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.



This 75 minute educational, transformational and movement based workshop is for you if you want to:
  1. improve your posture and feel better in your spine, your body and your moods.
  2. learn a proactive DIY approach for more sustainable healthcare ( including Chiropractic)
  3. discover ergonomic tools for pain free sitting and driving.
  4. embody more spiritual wisdom and consciousness.
  5. re- “Shape” yourself to optimize your health, feel better, find more freedom and age gracefully
  1. an eye opening Power Point Presentation
  2. along with Q and A
  3. personal posture as shape correcting and enhancing work
  4. gentle modified yoga for all ages, abilities and limitations, as well as
  5. posture enhanced mindful movement
  6. specific therapeutic exercises to improve posture, create more space, ease, freedom and flexibility in your body and nervous system.

Class size limited.

1 review for An Introduction to Posture, Pain, Personality and Presence

  1. Lee V.

    “Dr. Keneen Hope has helped me get to the bottom of pain and fatigue. Her work with posture as “ shape” has helped me tremendously. As my pain and posture improve with Dr Hope’s guidance, I find that I am much more connected to my deepest self. I am so grateful to her for wisdom, experience and gentle approach that is both physical and spiritual all at the same time.”

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