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This is an in person or virtual consultation using Zoom.

  • Gentle chiropractic
  • Posture and movement correction
  • Psoas muscle release techniques
  • Muscle release techniques
  • Lower back pain, hip and sciatic pain and numbness rehabilitation programs
  • Headaches, neck and shoulder pain and numbness rehabilitation programs
  • Customized, at-home therapeutic exercises to stabilize feet, knees and pelvis
  • Neuro-emotional stress release techniques    Mindful movement and breathing exercises
  • Safely-aligned stretch and flexibility techniques for all ages and body types
  • Ergonomics (how to sit, work, stand and exercise pain-free)
  • Insomnia and sleep enhancement technique
  • Stress reduction and mood improvement for PTSD and Trauma Recovery



Learn tools and solutions you can use from home to relieve pain, stress, fatigue and sleep loss.  Yes, Dr. Hope can help you feel better from home!


15 Minute Consultation – Complimentary!

45 Minute Consultation – $105

9 reviews for Hope, Health & Healing

  1. Rebecca Nuffer

    I have had 9 concussions and suffered from diminished mental capacities and emotional stress for years. I have pursued various alternative therapies for 15 years and Dr. Keneen’s unique and gentle Chiropractic approach and yoga therapy has made the most difference in my health, moods and well-being in only 10 sessions. I now feel more vitality, more centered and more empowered than I have in 15 years! Her yoga classes have helped me feel more at home in my body and more hopeful again.

  2. Jennifer S.

    Not only was my foot and knee pain gone almost immediately, but Dr. Keneen has helped me face and heal deep traumas and become a happier person as well. She really listens and cares about you.

  3. Ceci T.

    I can honestly say that Dr. Hope McNiven is by far the best chiropractor I have been to, and I have been to a lot over 15 years. She doesn’t just use mechanics or engineering; there is a spiritually to her work and you feel in the time you have with her that she is seeing you as a unique person who needs your own kind of care. I am walking strong now in my hips, I joined the Psoas Retreat and did yoga for the first time in 20 years and have enjoyed “delicious” unfolding with this extraordinary teacher! Thank you Dr. Keneen🙏🏼

  4. Adela W.

    I see Dr. Keneen Hope McNiven for both chiropractic and yoga. I worked with many chiropractors and yoga teachers over the years, and Dr. Keneen is in a class of her own. In both areas of expertise, she teaches how to be more embodied and in relationship to our body, and therefore our life. She is gentle yet helps me make powerful changes in my posture, breath, and attitude that have a tremendous impact on my emotional and physical health. I recommend both her yoga and chiropractic to anyone who wants to be as fully healthful in body and soul as they can be.

  5. Pepper

    Dr. Keneen is a very patient and caring healer. Not only has she helped with my posture and intense shoulder/neck pain, but has also helped with releasing trauma that gets built up in the body. She is one of the few that can actually and realistically make a difference in the level of pain you are in, without drugs or surgery!

  6. Carole Pontius

    I don’t mean it lightly when I say that Hope Chiropractic has been life changing. I first started seeing Dr. Keneen Hope McNiven when I had constant neck pain for nearly a year. After the first treatment I was in less pain and by the end of the second month I was totally pain free. The amazing thing about Dr. Keneen Hope is that she gives the patient exercises, tips on posture and other tools the patient can use any time and anywhere to help themselves. She is so committed to being proactive and to patient education that I feel like we have a partnership in my health and recovery and that she empowers me to take charge of my own healing. I cannot recommend her enough!!

  7. Teresa Shishim

    “I hurt my back gardening and lifting this spring after a tailbone injury earlier in the winter. Dr. Keneen helped identify the complex issues going on in my lower back, and worked through teaching me how to adjust myself and practice yoga via a remote consultation.

    It was amazing how much I learned with just two sessions! Back pain is gone and I feel healed–all while using a safe, COVID-conscious method.”

  8. Janae H.

    I started seeing Dr. Keneen Hope because I was struggling with debilitating neck pain from whiplash. She literally had me feeling like a new person with a posture practice before she even laid hands on me. Not only do I continue to feel balanced through my sessions with her, but she provides practices to take home that strengthen the healing and leave me feeling empowered in my self care. Highly recommend!

  9. D. B.

    Dr. Keneen truly cares about her patients and helping them deal with not only physical pain, but the emotional triggers behind them. She has help me with neck issues as well as insomnia. Thank you so much Dr. Keneen!!

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