I am honored to be presenting at this year’s Anusara Yoga Festival via Zoom! An accessible way for many to join the journey for a new paradigm in healing.

What Is the Anusara Yoga Festival?

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga and YogaVibes are excited to partner to offer a wonderful virtual gathering: Samavesha 2021 Online, the Anusara® Yoga Festival! The festival will take place from Friday, October 8, to Sunday, October 10.

Date & Time of Class

Date: Friday, October 8th
Time: 2p-3:45p MST / 4p-5:45p EST

About the Class

When our sacred Psoas is disrupted with too much sitting, over-stretching in repetitive yoga, or defensive fight, flight, freeze “shapes” second to stress or trauma, the muscle may become dry or brittle rather than fluid and succulent. This dry brittleness results in a host of mind-body-spirit ailments including pain, stress, fatigue, sleep loss and sub-optimal health in general. Emotionally we lose our equilibrium, our hearts struggle with authenticity. Even our yoga practice may become stagnant, tiresome and/or injurious.  In this illuminating asana- lecture complete with PowerPoint and graphics:

1) Discover the fascial relationship between the Psoas, gut-brain, heart, vagus nerve and nervous system.

2) Liberate your personal psoas muscle from residues of the past and clear the way for body, heart and soul renewal.

3) Discover how to hydrate your psoas and bring fluidity, succulence and presence back to your practice.


I am very passionate about helping people that are ready for a new paradigm for healing and looking forward to sharing this journey with you!