On and off my own low back complains. It can be achy at night or when I drive long distances, sometimes it even seizes up making mobility, yoga and transitions difficult. My initial reaction is usually some kind of cranky curse and rejection because I am a  Yogi and Chiropractor, how could I possibly have back pain? I am too busy for this! 

The cultural and personal tendency is to want to override any pain and carry on with the agenda for the day. In other words, the pain is a pain in the ass and in the way right? Can you relate?

Befriending My Body First

However, my real passion is to learn to trust the wisdom within, even when it’s inconvenient ( as I see it).  Once my initial reaction softens, I realize I may actually learn something about myself, my attitudes, my work, my relationships, and that something may need to change.  Once I get over my crankiness, since my deeper passion is to personally be as proactive as possible, I take the time to:

* assess my posture and relationship with gravity that day.

* ask if I am over-efforting once again, (yes, its a pattern).  

* check-in with possible unresolved feelings that I may have tried to “put behind me” recently.

* practice exercises that create more space and breath around the pain.


Calling the Chiropractor / Bodyworker Second 

As I soften with compassion and curiosity towards the wisdom of the pain, my body reveals where and how I am out of balance. As I right these imbalances and take a proactive approach to realigning with gravity, improving my posture, and working with unexpressed emotion, I start to experience relief and ease again. Working gently with yoga therapeutics to create space and flexibility where it has been lost, brings more healing and deeper breaths as well.

And I am so grateful for the talented and gentle chiropractors and bodyworkers that make up my wellness team. My experience is that their work is much more sustainable when I do my “homework” as well.

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Plato

Is Your Low Back a Pain?

I share this wisdom and so much more in my upcoming workshop, “Is Your Back a Pain in the A**?” A 75-minute introductory, virtual workshop to help those who are ready for a new paradigm and empowerment!