Several months ago, and maybe even last year, second to family stresses and my mother’s unfortunate falls and challenging health concerns, insidious fatigue coupled with a mysterious brain fog settled in.  My ability to function and work was limited. I cut way back on my practice, as well as teaching yoga and workshops. Needless to say, this was challenging on many levels including physically, emotionally, and financially.

As I have stated to many of you, there is nothing I’d rather be doing than the healing work I offer privately, as well as teaching and empowering others in online workshops, how to be pro-active and help themselves heal as well.  Long story short, after some lab and hormone testing it seems I have a reactivated Epstein Barr virus, similar to the mononucleosis I had as a child, only worse.

Bypass or Listen In?

We live in a culture where we learn to bypass, override, muscle through, and ignore our pain or our health challenges. However, as many of you know, my passion lies in learning to listen to what the true wisdom within my body is trying to express.  Pain, fatigue, and poor health can all be great catalysts for healing and transformation if we pay attention.  

Sometimes unresolved trauma from the past burdens our health and behavior in the present. Personally, I am still dealing with some residues remaining after the loss of my husband, our financial future, and other complicating traumas 15 years ago. As I endeavor to address and heal these residues they sometimes reveal even deeper levels of loss, grief, and a sense of the bottom dropping out of my life. Clearly, these challenges need more TLC and attention.  Learn more about healing trauma in my Trauma to Transformation workshop.

I am listening….. I am feeling….. my body, energy and nervous system are talking.  I realize that my body has a story to tell, and in the telling, is healing.

Moving Forward

The exhausted parts want more rest and restore, healthy boundaries, to unburden from over responsibility, caretaking and to simply have more fun and play and hiking and dance. The brain fog is asking for more simplicity and help with details around work and marketing and workshop/retreat offerings. I now have more help on these fronts as well.

Happily on the mend, I am grateful for my Diamond Heart spiritual community, regular and gentle Chiropractic to boost my immune system, a wonderful holistic medical doctor, a great diet and supplement program, a tuned-in psychic, and all the sacred psoas healing release work and Anusara yoga that I enjoy daily.

My mom and I enjoying hip openers in Mother’s Day Yoga

What’s Next?

Feeling more like myself again, I am happy to offer a NEW online Zoom workshop! And thank you everyone for sharing this healing journey with me!

Workshop: Is Your Low Back A Pain In the A**?

Does your low back ache, twinge, or hurt? Is it limiting sports and activities? Do you suffer from stress, fatigue or sleep loss? If you are open to a new paradigm for helping ease and heal low back pain, this introductory workshop is for you.

If your visits to the PT,  Chiropractor or masseuse do not offer sustainable solutions then you deserve a different approach.

If your low back posture and biomechanics are disrupted by too much sitting, unresolved stress or trauma, or trapped energy the low back muscles will strain and fatigue under this imbalance.

Often overlooked by traditional healing or medical approaches, this imbalance contributes to a cascade of back pain and health challenges impacting your nervous system, including stress, fatigue, sleep loss, anxiety and depression.

Wednesday, August 11th

6:00-7:15 PM MST

This is a virtual workshop using Zoom.  $55 Class size limited.