Women’s Workshop: Befriend your body with nourishing solutions for pain, stress, fatigue, and sleep loss

Note: This workshop took place in Summer 2016, but the techniques used are available by contacting Dr. Keneen Hope McNiven.

Women today face challenges that can compromise health, emotions, sleep, libido, work and relationships. These challenges often manifest as pain. Unresolved stress, loss, trauma or PTSD issues may also leave us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, excessively busy, anxious or depressed.

Women’s bodies require unique techniques to not only heal but to thrive. Many women have solved both physical and emotional health challenges with these techniques which include but are not limited to:

  • Gentle, therapeutic Yoga
  • Mindful movement & meditation
  • Journaling

Dr. Keneen Hope McNiven avoided a prescribed hip surgery and began to thrive again after the sudden loss of her husband 9 years ago through several of the techniques she will be sharing in her women’s workshop.

She is the founder of Durango’s  Hope Chiropractic and Yoga Healing Center for Women located in Smiley Building, Suite 105  at 1309 E. 3rd  Avenue.  She offers healing support for women with chronic pain, stress, sleep and fatigue challenges with a specialty in grief, trauma and PTSD work.  In addition to almost 30 years practicing gentle Network style chiropractic and muscle testing, she offers Yoga therapy, rehabilitation and neuro-emotional freedom techniques that help empower women to heal faster.

Dr. Keneen Hope McNiven’s work is informed by her 25 years as a student of Hameed Ali and the Diamond Heart spiritual school.